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Aerial Lift Types

Some of the types of aerial lifts available include...

Articulated Boom

articulated boom lifts

Bucket Trucks

bucket truck

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Scissor Lift FAQ

What are Scissor Lifts?

The scissor lift is different from the boom lift as they only travel vertically. You get more lift capacity and a larger platform with a scissor lift. The larger platform allows for more space for personnel and equipment. You get more access to a work area without the need to reposition the lift.

Many scissor lifts have an extension for the platform. This gives an additional 4-6 feet or horizontal reach from the lift top. Platform extensions are limited when compared to a boom lift, but they do offer a lot of flexibility.

The ranges for scissor lifts include:

  • Platform height of 19-50 feet (the lower end is more common)
  • Lifting capacity in the range of 500-2,500 lbs. (common is 500-1,000lbs)

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