Best Garages for Heavy Equipment Storage

heavy equipment garages

If you’ve invested in costly machinery, then it makes sense to invest in proper heavy equipment storage. Without it, not only is your investment in jeopardy, your business potential is as well. What you need is a garage that can stand up to a bit of wear and tear. For your needs, a normal stick (we call them twig) framed building likely won’t do so we recommend a steel garage building for your needs.

The main reasons to consider a garage for heavy equipment storage are:

storage quonset

  • Avoid theft

    With so much value in a portable item, they can be a target for people looking to steal the equipment, parts, or even scrap metal.

  • Vandalism

    There’s something truly cool about heavy equipment. Kids are fascinated by them and have toys of them, adults want to drive them and teenagers… like to do teenager things and vandalize. This can be costly for your fleet as sometimes that vandalism goes beyond superficial damage and require repairs.

  • Longevity

    This equipment can take a lot of wear and tear, but the elements are surprisingly damaging to the metal components of machinery. To avoid rust, peeling paint and other issues, proper storage is important.

  • Space for repairs

    If you’re out on an active construction yard, quarry, etc. then it can be hard to properly do repairs, stay safe and avoid getting your lube filled with dirt and dust. By purchasing a garage you can avoid these issues and have a safe clean space to work.

Why Choose a Steel Garage Building?

steel garagesThere are many benefits to this type of structure and those include:

  • Ease of construction so you are up and running quickly.
  • A long life is essentially guaranteed by the thick steel used.
  • Dentable. Let’s face it, sometimes operators are careless and can back into the wrong thing. That often spells the end of a wood-framed building, but often just means replacing a piece, or hammering out part of a steel building.
  • Lower maintenance costs and concerns. There isn’t a lot that gets to metal (other than rust and most building providers will have a warranty for that). By choosing a building that you don’t need to repair regularly, you save time for growing your business. Wood can be plagued by termites, rot, splitting from humidity changes, poor quality lumber from hidden knots, etc.
  • Customized for your needs. These buildings are great as they are each customized for the exact size you require. Larger bay doors can be added and you can make sure it’ll work for your needs.
  • Expandable. If your business continues to grow, then your building can grow with it.

So as you can see, there are many reasons to purchase a steel garage for your project. Whether you’re storing that expensive Cat, or just looking to keep a few spare parts. We’d recommend a steel building garage for your needs!