Compressed Air Power In Business

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Many businesses and even individuals have at some point in time, had to make use of an air compressor. Whether for industrial uses like in construction, mining and factories or even in the home they are quite handy, to enhance productivity and get the job done. Some jobs like carpentry and manufacturing make frequent use of the air compressor.

How Does It Work?

There is a pump that fills a storage tank with air and based on the calibration, will shut down when it meets a specific air pressure. It is this pent-up pressure and energy that can be manipulated for whatever needs. As a general safety precaution, always check the amount of pressure that you need for the specific job. Always be sure to follow the instructions when learning how your compressor works, and be aware of persons and other devices in close proximity while using the air compressor.

Let’s Take A Look At Business Applications For Your Air Compressor

Spray Painting

Whether it is to paint an automobile, a cupboard, or another surface, spray painting ensures that you have a much more controlled and even finish to your paintwork. The significance is different compared to hand-applied jobs, using brushes and rollers. Your air compressor must match the right kind of spray gun setup for the application. The importance here in your air compressor is to choose the right one with the best pressure limits as needed for the painting and the surface. Here, you can consider the high volume low pressure delivery mechanism for your air compressor, delivery on consistent paint flow, and the perfect finish. 

While choosing the specific air compressor as well, other factors to look at are:

  • How many pounds per square inch is the capability
  • The cubic feet per minute of air with respect to delivery purposes
  • Tank size of your air compressor

Pneumatic Nail Gun

truck mount air compressorsMaybe you are doing a roofing job or some form of reinforcing project, and have made use of a pneumatic nailer. With this nailer having the right air compressor to run the pneumatic nail gun efficiently is going to be important. Part of the decision will be if you want to have an air compressor to drive a nail gun at a rate of 15 nails per minute. Maybe you have a nailer that is medium-sized and needs compression to drive up to 30 nails per minute. This will also depend on the cubic feet per minute (CFM) and the horsepower of your air compressor. Naturally having a chat with the manufacturer can also provide these specs. 

Other things which can guide your air compressor decision can include:  

  • Hose length will impact the pressure. There is a drop in air pressure along the hose, approximately every 25 feet or so, and the air compressor will need to compensate for this pressure drop by pumping more air. The nail gun will need to get the proper operating pressure, to function properly.
  • What type of project are you doing? Maybe a pneumatic staple gun can work instead?
  • Some finish nailers will drive longer and thicker nails. This means then that they need a higher airflow. 
  • Based on whether you are doing roofing, siding or framing you should have the suitable PSI from your air compressor. This is also important for the surface that you are working on.

Some Other Uses

Some other uses that the air compressor can be employed in include:  

Air Lifting – This has been used in industries such as in automobile and refrigeration, for a while now. This is one of the more convenient ways to lift materials that are too heavy for people to lift by hand. Along with this is the prevention of back injuries and enhancing workplace safety, where trailers and lifts are equipped with air ramp technology.

Cleaning – The air compressor pushes air through at quite a high rate. Some businesses speed up their cleaning process by pointing the high-pressure air to help clear debris on the floor. Some use high pressure to clean ducts and vents, as well as to dry carpets and other surfaces.

Pressure Washing – This simply involves spraying water at a high speed and pressure onto surfaces such as walls or concrete. This is done in order to move the grit and grime. This cleaning process can be done using your air compressor as a plan B, if you do not have access to a pressure washer. To get going you need a pressure washer attachment. Connect this to the air hose of your air compressor and to your garden hose.

Ensure Safety

diesel portable air compressorIt is important to follow the safety guidelines as indicated by your manufacturer or in the manual provided for your air compressor. Be minded that you are dealing with focused high pressure air which can be dangerous if not handled properly. This will also involve knowing and using the correct PSI for whichever use the machine is being operated. Don’t forget to wear your safety goggles.