What You Need To Know About Forklift Certification

Forklift Certifications
Forklifts are capable of doing some significant damage to both personnel and property if mishandled. This is where a forklift certification comes into play. This forklift training helps reduce the number of injuries, and to negate the possibility of catastrophe due to unsafe operation.

One of the first things to recognize is that a forklift license and certification are different. The license indicates that you are able to drive the equipment. The certification shows your capability. With the certification, this is a comprehensive training program provided for operators, ensuring that they know and follow the operational standards. These standards are generally set by governing organizations such as the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA).

Obtaining a forklift certification benefits both employers and lift operators. For employers, it saves them from more lift-related accidents and property damages and avoids higher costs on insurance. This is another form of helping to manage their liability. For lift operators, it can be an additional skill-set providing an opportunity to diversify their career availability.

Here’s The How

As part of the certification process, you can choose the type of certification based on the type of forklift in use.

forkliftsIt may also be useful to keep your options open and possibly get certified on as many as possible. There will naturally be the theoretical bits, and then the application of the principles learned would be engaged in the practical session. It is important to make a note of the minimum grade in each module in order to qualify. Some of this practical module may even be done under observation by the company management team who will be making use of the services of the operator.

Generally, the certificate will include the name of the operator, the category of forklift equipment that they have been certified in, as well as the dates of training. Included here as well would be the name of the associated instructor who made the evaluation. Guidelines indicate that there is the requirement of recertification that happens every 3 years, but, should there be any given reason, it may be required sooner.

Reasons such as if there was an accident caused or really close calls, can trigger this. The management team or employer may call for recertification as well if they’re caught practicing unsafe habits or even on reassignment to a different type of forklift.

Reasons to get a Skid Steer Certification

Not being certified can also lead to hefty fines imposed on the employer. This along with benefits that can be considered such as:

  • A safer working environment
  • Enhanced productivity due to less time loss due to errors
  • Cost savings due to fewer accidents if any
  • Increase employee morale as well, as you have an interest in your staff
  • Less damages to equipment and property

If the opportunity arises within your organization for a forklift operator, it is usually the responsibility of the company to provide the avenue for appropriate training. Some persons may decide to take the initiative and find an OSHA certification program, whether at a vocational school or even via your forklift dealer. 

This certification can also be completed online as well, allowing the time most convenient for the student to take the training. The training can also be taken wherever they desire since it is online.

Now your team can get compliant so much easier.