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Rough Terrain Forklift Overview

Rough Terrain Forklifts have all the functionality of a traditional forklift but feature a more rugged, durable chassis, and larger wheels. They come in two formats, an overhead telehandler where the lift arm starts behind the cab and can extend telescopically, and a more traditional straight mast forklift.

There are two defining characteristics of rough terrain forklifts. These forklifts use internal combustion or IC engines to power them. They also have pneumatic tires so they can handle an uneven surface. This combination allows a rough terrain forklift to perform many different outdoor applications such as landscaping, construction projects, or working in a lumber yard.

A rough terrain forklift will use an IC engine for several reasons. These engines are built to handle a larger load and the IC forklift is better at this than an electric forklift. These foreclosed also have better top speed and better acceleration when compared to an electric forklift which can be beneficial on a larger job site.

Most mechanics also understand internal combustion engines a lot more than they do an electric engine. Basic repairs and routine maintenance can be handled by your own mechanics and often don’t need to be sent to a service shop. If you have a machine that is used quite often, you can save a lot of money by doing the work in-house.

The pneumatic tires that a rough terrain forklift uses give traction and cushion which is necessary for uneven terrain surfaces. When you have poor ground conditions solid pneumatic tires are the best choice. These tires don’t have any air in them and since they are solid rubber they won’t pop like a regular tire.

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