How Much Do New Forklifts Cost?

new forklifts cost

If you are in the market for a new forklift, you will probably want to know what the average prices for forklifts are. The truth is that there is no fixed price or range, as the retail company will set its respective pricing. Broadly speaking though, the average cost of a new forklift can easily range from $15,000 tfo $35,000, and it is better to be sure to request a free quote from one of our forklift providers.

Though price may be a major factor it should not be the only factor that you consider when shopping for a new forklift. The size of the forklift, the desired weight capacity, and lift height are easily three other characteristics that will affect your pricing. It is really important to analyse – the What, The Where, and the Why do you need a new forklift?

Considerations when Purchasing a New Forklift

  • New forklifts are costly compared with the cost of a used forklift. There is the initial cost of buying the new equipment that you need, and then the taxes that are included in the price.
  • What is the current market demand? As you go on the path to acquiring a new forklift, especially when you are in a hurry – it is important to consider the market forces. In other words, Higher Demand = Higher Price for your new equipment.
  • Buying a new forklift means that you are guaranteed the best quality. The used ones have been previously used, and it is hard to know if the equipment has been well taken care of or not. This means that you cannot be absolutely sure that the used machine will work as well as it should.

Forklift Choice Vs Work Application

forkliftsIt is important to know the lift height and the forklift weight. The lift height is how high you can raise the forklift. A low lift height is desirable for those jobs that are likely to be in limited places. The general load capacity of this low-lift can reach a maximum of about 2 tons. One should be aware that it can cause a large amount of wear on your equipment if it is used too much, and becomes over-worked. The length of the forks is important as well because they help control how a forklift moves, and this may be critical for the respective application use.

How Long Can A Forklift Last?

Most forklifts will last for 5 to 8 years on average when on a single 8-hour day operation. It also depends on the manufacturer. Some factors can shorten the forklift’s lifespan. Some of these factors include:

Cold Temperatures – The cold temperatures can cause the lubricants to stiffen, and it can also make the parts of your forklift rust.

Excessive Use – Forklifts that are used too much will not last as long as they should. It is recommended to only use them for 8 hours of operation daily.

Lifting Too Much Weight/Overwork – Forklifts that are used for heavy-duty work outside of the capacity that they have been designed to manage – will not last as long.

Price Isn’t All That Matters When Shopping for a New or Used Forklift

Advantages of new forklifts:

  • New forklifts come with a warranty. If something on the machine breaks, you can get it repaired or you can get a new one
  • The new forklift may be more efficient than a used ones. They use less fuel, and they can cost less in the long run
  • The used ones may have defects that make them unsafe to be driven.
  • You know what you have to deal with in a new forklift as compared to any unexpected surprises that may arise in the operation of a used forklift.

If you are really price sensitive, then the upfront cost of the new forklift may be a deterrent and will naturally be more expensive than the purchase of a used one. Due to possible purchase demand as well, the wait may be extended to acquire a new forklift from the production line. Some may see this as an indirect cost – since no forklift while waiting could mean no work being done, and this means loss in revenue.

In Your New Forklift

forklifts backgroundHydraulic setup – The higher the grade of hydraulic setup, the higher will be the price

Capacity – The more it can lift, the more it can also influence the price. Be reminded that the limit of lifting capacity is determined by the manufacturer

Weight – Forklifts with higher weights are more expensive than those that have lighter weights

Added Functionality – Forklifts which come with extra functions like automatic loading, uncoupling, and self-parking will be more expensive.

These are some general factors which will guide you in your obtaining a new forklift and also your budgetary planning as well. Request a free no obligation buyers guide and get free competitive price quotes here.