How Much Do Used Forklifts Cost?

used forklift cost
Are you looking to buy a used forklift for your business? Wondering how much a used forklift costs? We’ll take a look at the different factors to consider when shopping around, and what determines the price of used forklifts.

Naturally, the cost of a forklift will depend primarily on two things, whether it’s a price for a new forklift or a used one, and its capacity. The higher the capacity of the forklift operation that is needed the higher you will have to budget in terms of cost. This could broadly run you anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000 depending on a number of factors, including age, hours, and extent of previous use just to name a few. Along with this the pricing of a used electric forklift will also be a bit higher than that of one with an internal combustion engine.


The cost of the forklift will also depend on the pending use and the respective model being considered.

  • Are you considering a forklift for internal use within the warehouse setting?
  • How about one for an outside and uneven terrain?
  • Maybe it is to act in a recycling environment or
  • Under harsher conditions in a dockyard?

forkliftsWhile price is one of the key factors in purchasing a used forklift, there are other critical things that can impact you if you go this route. Let us consider a few of them such that you can make an informed decision, and not just on cost price.

Dealer Reputation

Ideally, you should be purchasing your used forklift from a reputable entity. You can start with one of the many review sites available these days like the BBB. It is highly recommended to buy the used forklift from an authorized dealer, and be sure that they are also supported by the original manufacturer. This also means that the original owner isn’t just trying to get rid of a piece of equipment. With this, it also means that you get an idea of the usage history of the forklift. It is ideal to have an idea of where it was placed in service and also what type of environmental conditions that the equipment has been subjected to, or has been in operation.

Hours Logged

Working with a reputable and authorized dealer means that you can easily get a report on the number of hours that the used forklift has logged. This may be a concern for some, however, your dealer can help you with this. The general gist is that a forklift that has logged about 5,000 hours would be roughly equivalent to a car that has done 100,000 miles. Along with this your dealer can guide you to plan for any repairs say around 15,000 – 20,000 hours.

Quick ROI

forklifts backgroundPurchasing a used forklift can also mean a quicker return on your investment. This is so since the price of a new forklift is naturally higher than a used one and will take a bit more time to see the return on the investment, in terms of payoff and revenue. A used forklift will tend to be a lower price and your profit margin can happen faster in the business. Along with this benefit of the initial cost of a used forklift is that you can redirect your finance to purchase more equipment and continue to add more value to your business and outfit it with other forms of equipment simultaneously.

Getting a used forklift also means that you can outfit your business much quicker. This is a benefit since there are times a significant waiting period for ascertaining a new forklift. It is this waiting period that can make or break any pending deals, however, a used forklift can fill in to save the business and avoid the wait.

If you’re looking to purchase a used forklift, we strongly recommend you use our online tool to search thousands of nationwide suppliers and find the right option for your needs.