How Much Does a Cat 420 Backhoe Weigh?

cat 420 backhoe weight

The Cat 420 Backhoe loader comes in a variety of different configurations and can be accessorized. Because of this, the weights will vary, but here are some basic numbers to go by:

Operating Weights

The Caterpillar 420 is a mid-sized backhoe with an estimated operating weight of 17,271 lbs and a maximum operating weight of 24,251 lbs. This is a bit heavier than your average backhoe loader which usually hovers around 15,000 lbs. These operating weights account for a full fuel tank, lubricating, hydraulic & cooling systems and empty standard buckets.

Buckets and Attachment Weights

The operating weight of your backhoe will depend on the buckets and attachments chosen. The stock 1.25 cubic yard bucket without forks weighs in at 1,642 lbs. If you want a bucket with forks then the factory-provided 1.25 cubic yard bucket with fold-over forks weighs in at 2,017 lbs.

If you’re looking to add an extendible stick to increase your dig depth, it will weigh in at 595 lbs, excluding any additional counterweight you add.

Counterweight Considerations

There are counterweights on the 420 which could potentially be modified. The stackable counterweights at the base usually account for 529 lbs, with a maximum weight of 1014 lbs.

Added-Feature Weight

If you choose to deck out your 420 with all the available features, there are additional weight consequences. Adding air conditioning for example adds an additional 99 lbs. Adding ride control adds 33 lbs. If you choose to add cat’s Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) and Falling-Object Protective Structures (FOPS) then it will add an additional 320 lbs. We always take a safety-first approach and think ROPS and FOPS are money and weight well spent.

Please note that these numbers are dependent on the different configurations you choose. If you’re looking for a weight of your existing 420 backhoe, then honestly it’s best to put it on a scale (most queries and gravel pits will have them).

Looking to Purchase or Rent a Backhoe Loader?

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