How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Porta Potty?

rent a porta potty
Most job sites will need them, but many still have no idea how much it costs to rent a porta potty, or porto potty, depending on which brand you’re fond of. There are many available options such as adding urinals and multi-stall units. For a general porta potty we know and love however, you can expect to rent one for around $100-$150 per month with weekly service.

We’ll look at a few other details below that can impact price.

The modern porta-potty is made with a lightweight polyurethane which does not absorb any odors. With the right equipment they are easy to clean and also easy to transport. In fact they can also offer a private restroom experience, while being durable and sturdy. Today – if you need to rent a porta potty, it is quite easy to rent and also just as easy to deliver and set-up, in practically no time. 


The original concept design of a porta potty has evolved significantly to meet the needs of clients. Therefore there is no longer a one price fits all situation, as today you can easily choose from a series of options. You can see some available options here. When considering renting the porta potty it may be good to identify if it need to meet specific needs, which can also impact your rental fee.

The Standard 

These are probably the more widely used ones. They are quite sturdy and a good locking mechanism. These standard versions do not usually have a sink nor flush system but are primarily equipped with toilet paper and hand-sanitizing stations. The standard potty is suitable for many special events, construction and if you are fixing up your personal space or even commercial space, can come to the rescue. These are also quite affordable, and considered the basics, and want to keep it simple.

Wheelchair Accessible 

Naturally these porta potties will offer more space as they are able to facilitate a wheelchair. The modern porta potty is ramp-free, but has a relatively flat entrance. This allows for ease of entrance and hassle-free access. The toilet seat will be a bit lower and the structure will also have safety rails. The floor material will be anti-slip. It simply means that as you enquire about the portable potty for your event or occasion, to also ask a question on availability.  


This now becomes a bit of an upgrade to the average or standard offer. The experience comes with add-ons that will of course impact your rental cost. First off, they are now larger than the standard unit.  The deluxe offers a mirror, hand washing station and some even have a baby changing position.

What Are The Benefits

Water Conservation

Most if not all of the portable toilets – have little need for water to flush the wastes. They also use chemicals to reduce odor, and also to conserve water use. Those that use water, are quite efficient in water use.

Cost Effective

If you are on an outdoor project or event it is so much more cost effective to rent a portable potty, than having to construct temporary toilet facilities, and extra rest-rooms. Along with this you avoid the need for any special permits or licenses.


It is as simple as calling up your nearest agent and ordering up a portable potty. Once it is delivered into the location as desired, then you are ready to carry on. For those on site, they do not have to go very far to relieve themselves. Features such as ramps and railings and even air-conditioning can be added based on the type of occasion.


Once the strict compliance is done, the portable potty is quite sanitary. The waste is transported to a treatment plant by the service provider or may even be directly pumped into the sewer system.