Main Types of Air Compressors

main types air compressors

Air compressors are essential appliances at construction sites as they can be used to power electric tools. There are multiple air compressors with distinct drawbacks and capabilities. But which are the best types to purchase? Well, let’s find out!

Rotary Screw Compressors

It is the most renowned type of displacement compressor. They work through the two internal rotors. Rotary screw compressors use the rotary-type positive displacement mechanism known as a rotary screw, air end.

How do they work?

Rotary screw air compressors work by ensuring air is trapped in two meshed rotors, guaranteeing a reduction of the air trapped as it moves down the rotors.

How do they make work easier?

The reduced volumes result in compressed air, inflating tires, or powering the air tools. In industrial and commercial applications, rotary screw compressors are often used to replace piston compressors, requiring large volumes of high-pressure air. They are designed for continuous use between 5 and 350 horsepower power ranges.

Reciprocating Air Compressors

These compressors are the best in slightly smaller construction sites, homes or garages. The air is sucked into a chamber with a reciprocating piston in this compressor.

How do they work?

The principle used in a reciprocating compressor is similar to that of a crankshaft piston. It is not designed to be continuously in use. A reciprocating air compressor comprises multiple moving parts that require oil lubrication for smooth movement.

How do they make work easier?

Reciprocating compressors work through the available piston in the cylinder, which ensures compression and displacement of air to build up pressure.

Axial Compressors

Axial air compressors are not explicitly used on construction sites. They are often found in high-speed engines on planes and ships.

How do they work?

The axial compressor accelerates and diffuses the working fluid to obtain high pressure. The flow through the compressor travels in a parallel way from the axis of rotation. Axial air compressors are efficient but very expensive compared to other air compressors.

How do they make work easier?

Axial air compressors are suitable for aerospace compressors that need high horsepower. Stacking axial air compressors in different stages is easy to acquire higher pressure ratios.

Centrifugal Compressors

The centrifugal air compressors slowly cool the incoming air through the diffuser to ensure the required energy is built up.

How do they work?

The multi-phase compression makes it easy for the centrifugal compressor to generate high levels of energy in a pretty small machine. Compared to reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors, centrifugal compressors need minimal maintenance, and some types can quickly produce oil-free air.

How do they make work easier?

Centrifugal compressors are often used in demanding construction sites such as steel manufacturing centers and chemical plants for efficient production and manufacturing.

Get The Right Air Compressor

When choosing the air compressor to use, it is crucial to consider the manufacturing environment. Most air compressors are oil-powered, thus problematic. Using oil-free compressors reduces the risk of air contamination. Acquiring high-efficient air compressors means extra costs when working on long construction projects. Air compressors are the new gold. They are convenient and will, without a doubt, save you time and money.

The air compressor adds value by helping to speed the job along should you be spray painting or using a nail gun, and also adding versatility, your project then can happen in a much shorter time and leads to cost saving as well. Also consider that in the case of battery-operated nailers the cost can be as much as $500. However in comparison the air compressor can go for about $300 for the pneumatic nailers used with the air compressor. With the pneumatic nailer they are so much easier to handle as well as they last longer on the job than the battery charged nailers.

The air compressor on your spray gun provides the ease of painting cabinets and furniture and even smaller fine projects. The results are smooth and professional looking. Tools with the air compressor tend to last a bit longer, since they have less moving parts as compared to the battery operated ones. There is practically just one moving part and that is the air-compressor.

Removing bolts in those tight spaces, look at what the professionals use. Rather than struggle with a regular ratchet and socket set to get the bolts or nuts off, the job is made easier. The air ratchet tool is attached to an air compressor and as you see the pros do, they can complete several of these bolt removal and also do secure tightening in minutes. Look at what so many of the auto repair shops use.

With the right air compressor, and associated tool, you have an effective, efficient and versatile setup for the respective job at hand.