Why Skid Steers Are Great For Land Clearing

Every day, skid steers are used extensively in construction and farming operations. They’re ideal for land clearing and nowadays, they are also regularly being utilized in landscaping and garden work.
skidsteer background
Originally, skid steers were used primarily to perform tasks in construction, farming, and logging operations. Over the years, skid steers have become more versatile and have become very popular in landscaping, tree trimming, and even in manufacturing.

What Makes Skid Steers So Great?

Well, many people are still in the dark about this. However, they do know enough to choose a good skid steer. So, what do you prefer? Well, it is not as easy as you might think. Fortunately, some factors will help you in making the right decision. Indeed you will easily get a good skid steer for your garden or landscaping.

Plan on what you will be using the skid steer for.

If you need to perform some heavy-duty tasks in your garden, you will have to buy one with a 26-inch lift capacity. Yet again, if you want a skid steer for your regular property maintenance and landscaping work, you will need to get a lift capacity of around 10-18 inches.

Power is equally essential when dealing with skid steers.

You must understand that the power in a skid steer is measured in two different ways. One is called the drawbar pull. It refers to the power produced by your machine when using accessories such as bucket and pallet forks, cranes, etc.

Our skid-steer attachments are extensive enough to tackle any of your land clearing needs.

Your skid steer can have:
skid steer mower attachment

  • A Rotary Mower attached which would clear overgrown brush and small trees in a hurry
  • The Flail Mower which can clean any overgrown vegetation. This can also trim grass for a well-manicured finish.
  • A Forestry Disc Mulcher – which then grinds trees down and also any brush. This is also valuable in rural areas.
  • The Stump Grinder works well too to tackle any tree stumps in your land clearing
  • A Drum Mulcher which gives a finished look by turning any bush and trees into fine mulch on your property.

Skid steers are also quite efficient at moving around on rugged terrain. The ability to operate is not impacted negatively by any unevenness in the property while clearing. This then lends to enhanced productivity, allowing for a quicker job. This also is a plus, in that the skid steer can do any of those large jobs with a single operator. This saves time and money as the amount of equipment needed is much less, rather than having an entire troop of heavy machinery and their operators.

With a skid steer, the weight of the load is distributed across all of the wheels. This weight distribution along with a brilliant tuning radius and acceleration gets the job done. The attachments as previously mentioned are easy to attach and remove. With the wide range in horsepower available as well – the skid steer is quite applicable in land clearing, from mild to hard terrain.

Additional Factors To Consider When Using A Skid Steer

Heavy duty:

You will want a skid steer with at least a 30-inch lift capacity for heavy duties. Most heavy-duty skid steers have up to 50-inch lift capability. It should be enough to perform the heavy-duty tasks you need it for.

Backhoe attachments:

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a skid steer. Of course, you will want to have a skid steer with a backhoe attachment so that you can perform different tasks, as you clear the property. The most common attachments on a skid steer are a bucket, pallet fork, grapple, trencher, and backhoe, just to name a few.


A skid steer appropriate for your needs should be no more than 4x4x7x8. It will provide you with enough space and functionality to meet your requirements. You should also check the skid steer axle height to see that it meets your needs. Dimensions are something that only professional skid steer operators will need to consider. This is important depending on what space you will be operating within, especially if the ability to maneuver is limited.

Cabin and comfort:

Another factor you must consider when buying a skid steer is its cabin and comfort. Ensure that the controls are easy to operate, with plenty of visibility. Many of the skid steers also provide electronic monitoring as well, of the attachments, while allowing the operator to remain in a comfortable working environment.


A skid steer can be a much more cost-effective way to clear land that by hand or by using heavier equipment. If you’re interested in pricing a skid steer, you can do so here.