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Available attachments from third parties are listed below.

What are Skid Steer Attachments?

mower attachment Skid steers are versatile and offer you the efficiency that you require to get the job done. In place of a bucket, you can mount various “attachments” which are each designed with a specific purpose in mind.

One attachment can help you with a wide variety of tasks. The operator can often switch out these add-ons by using couplers that pair with the OEM or original equipment manufacturer mount.

The skid steer has plenty of attachments that are compatible with it, which makes them cost-effective for a job site. You can cover many different jobs with a skid steer, thanks to the various attachments. Many of the top manufacturers such as John Deere and Bobcat produce a wide range of skid steer attachments. Other third-party manufacturers like Quick Attach, Northern Tool + Equipment, and Erskine also produce attachments for skid steers.

What Attachments Can be Added?

There are a huge range of Skid Steer attachments available. When most people think of this machine, they’re usually picturing it with a bucket on the front. The truth is most skid steers are fitted with specialized attachments instead. Even if it has a bucket attached, that may be a unique bucket with a certain purpose like a trench digger.

skid steer with forks The other popular choices for skid steer attachments are;

What do Skid Steer Attachments Cost?

Attachments vary in price from one supplier to the next, and one attachment to the next. Typically you’re looking at costs between $700 and $1,200, while specialty buckets are usually between $3,000 and $4,200. Other attachments such as augers & forks typically cost $700 to $2,400. Bigger attachments, such as power rakes, sweepers, trenchers, and rotary mowers cost anywhere between $1,000 & $9,000.

Complex powered attachments like flail mowers, hydraulic hammers, cold planers, and backhoes come with significantly higher price tags and it’s not impossible to spend up to $25k on a specialty attachment.

In the end, the best route is to request a quote using the options available on this site, then compare incoming quotes from multiple providers and make a decision that’s right for your needs and budget.

Where do you get Skid Steer Attachments?

Most attachments are compatible across multiple types of skid steers and this saves your company money as you don’t have to buy other equipment or rent which costs you even more. A local dealer is your best bet, as they can advise you on the best equipment for your job. We connect you to a network of these local dealers to save you time and money.

National and third-party manufacturers have dealer networks where you can obtain parts and get the assistance you need for your equipment. When you work with a dealer, you’ll ensure that your equipment is compatible with the attachment, and you get the support that you need. A lot of third-party products tend to be universally compatible, but many brand-name attachments will only work with the loaders and skid steers that that company makes. It can be important to work with a local dealer.

How to Ensure a Reputable Provider

You want to work with a reliable dealer. You’re going to require post-sale support, and this can vary depending upon the dealer that you work with. Costs can add up when it comes to repairs. In some cases, you’ll have to locate obscure parts, and this can be frustrating. Here are a few points to consider when you compare dealers for the equipment you need.

Check online review sites along with forums to see how others have found that dealer. If you're in the industry, it's also a good idea to ask around to see if any colleagues have experience with them.

Will the Skid Steer Attachment Work with Your Machine?

backhoe attachment When you pair an attachment with a skid steer there are performance and compatibility issues that must be addressed. The GPM rating of the machine is one of them. Attachments are powered by the hydraulic system of your skid steer. This system uses GPM or gallons per minute as a measurement. This is often referred to as hydraulic flow. The attachment must be compatible with your machine’s minimum and maximum GPM.

The specifics of the skid steer also matter. These include the operating weight, high-flow and low-flow hydraulics, safety measures, and counterbalances. A reputable dealer can help you pick the right skid steer attachment based upon these factors. The work environment is another factor. This includes access limitations, gradient, and soil abrasion.

The dealer needs to analyze what you require, so you get the support that you need. Digging underground or working a farm has different requirements when compared to working in a recycling center or doing some simple landscaping.

Do you get Support After Buying a Skid Steer Attachment?

When working with third-party manufacturers and OEMs, you’ll need ongoing support. You will get a good inventory and fast delivery with an OEM, but the service is going to cost you. OEM parts can be 20-50% more expensive when compared to a third-party dealer. You’re paying a lot for the use of that brand name.

Your location may also be a factor. Many OEMs will distribute for a centralized fulfillment center. A lot of smaller pats arrive with next-day shipping, but larger parts and components can take a week or more through a regular ground carrier, and there can be costly shipping fees to get those parts to you. It’s a good idea to work with a dealer that has an established network with a service center within a day’s drive of where you are. Some dealers will use the services of a local courier service, so you get the part quickly, and there is less reliance on a national carrier, which can be slow.

OEMs tend to have a bit better inventory than third-party dealers. The third-party dealer needs a lot of parts for the equipment that they carry, so the equipment that they have a lower inventory volume. You could face delays in parts that are less popular. The OEM usually has one product line and supports the attachments and the machinery with a high level of inventory and parts available.

If you decide to work with a third-party dealer, ask them to list the wear and tear parts for the attachment that you want. Go with the dealer that has a decent stock level for those parts, so you don’t have to wait and hold up your project.

Quick Attach Skid Steer Attachments

Quick Attach is one of the most popular lines of skid steer attachments. They have over 65 years in the business. They manufacture universal attachments for most of the popular Skid Steers on the market.

You get great value thanks to the universal design. You can share attachments with a wide range of equipment. You can do this even if the skid steer goes to another job site or is sold. Quick Attach has a commitment to its customer service. You get live phone support 24/7. They have same-day credit approval and different financing options to meet your needs.

Do You Get Training and Safety Resources?

Unless you're experienced with the attachment, you’ll want to work with a dealer that provides resources for training. This cuts down on injury severity and frequency. Your job gets done, and everyone stays safe while doing it. The quality of the work is also better if the team has the training required to use those attachments correctly. Many manufacturers have training resources, but not all of them.

Materials can include basic instruction manuals, DVDs, and workbooks. You will learn basic concepts as well as advanced operations and how to operate the machinery in a safe fashion. For example, on the Bobcat site, you get great OEM support for their equipment.

Third-party dealers don’t offer much training besides basic operation tips. If you go with a third-party dealer you may want to go to a specialized school to get training for that equipment. At these schools, you can obtain skid steer certification.

Bobcat Skid Steer Attachments

You don’t even need to know anything about construction to recognize the Bobcat name. This is one of the world’s most recognized brands in the construction industry. Their hardware components have enhanced plating which increases the lifespan and structural reliability of their equipment.

All their skid steer accessories are manufactured with robotic welding, and this ensures precision, consistency, and a durable product. The attachments have functionality and versatility with Bobcat products. They are operated by one button or switch.

On skid steer attachments, Bobcat gives you a one-year warranty in most instances, but be sure to check the fine print.

Is Funding Available for Skid Steer Attachments?

Attachments vary in price. They may cost only a few hundred or run upwards of $30,000 for some equipment. The lower-end products can be charged to a credit card, but those on the higher end may require alternative payment options. If you'd rather not pay up-front, be sure to discuss alternatives from the dealer. Some of your options include:

  • TRAC or terminal rental adjustment clause
  • Tax lease
  • Financial lease
  • Operating lease
  • $1 purchase option lease

You can usually get funding in a couple of days and it doesn't always require a large down payment on the equipment. The interest rate you pay will be determined by your credit history and business history. Rates typically fall around the 8%-30% range.  As with any agreement, be sure to do your research and understand all of the fine print.

SLA Agreements

The terms for the maintenance of the skid steer product you buy are outlined in the LSA or service level agreement. Your SLA details the post-sale service frequency and details of that service. This helps you maintain the proper functionality of the equipment and downtime from neglect and broken parts.

SLAs can be different. In terms of a skid steer attachment, the type of soil that the attachment works in with be a factor. The resistance the attachment faces can shift components put of alignment and require you to make frequent adjustments to your equipment. The SLA focuses on things such as loose components, shroud/shielding hoses, and cap screws to ensure that the parts aren’t pinched or punctured by hydraulic components.

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