Best Garages for Heavy Equipment Storage

heavy equipment garages

If you’ve invested in costly machinery, then it makes sense to invest in proper heavy equipment storage. Without it, not only is your investment in jeopardy, your business potential is as well. What you need is a garage that can stand up to a bit of wear and tear. For your needs, a normal stick…

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Bulldozer for Rent or Sale: FAQ

bulldozer for rent

Nothing moves more material than a Bulldozer and we want to help you find the right bulldozer for rent or sale. These powerhouses are perfect for clearing dirt, aggregate, anything. Bulldozers come in a variety of sizes and can feature a ripper on the back to tear up tough ground. Below is a list of…

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How to Promote a Construction Company Online

promote company

Everyone is looking to promote their construction company online these days, but doing so properly can be difficult. Promoting yourself online requires some computer skills, but the good news is you can do so cost-effectively and sometimes for free. The good news is, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of our recommendations to…

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How Much to Rent a Mini Excavator?

mini excavator rental

Mini excavator rental costs are dependent on the size and type of mini excavator you’re looking for. In general, they will range from $80 to $500 per day depending on the size and length of the rental. The longer you rent, the cheaper your daily costs. Typically a daily rental is usually about 2.5 times…

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Heavy Equipment Financing Options

heavy equipment financing

Need Financing for an Equipment or Business Expense? We’ve put together this FAQ to help you find the right solutions for your needs. Heavy Equipment Financing FAQ What is Equipment Leasing? What Equipment Can be Leased? What are the Different Types of Leases? Are There Tax Benefits? How to Choose the Right Finance Company? Getting…

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How Much Does a Cat 420 Backhoe Weigh?

cat 420 backhoe weight

The Cat 420 Backhoe loader comes in a variety of different configurations and can be accessorized. Because of this, the weights will vary, but here are some basic numbers to go by: Operating Weights The Caterpillar 420 is a mid-sized backhoe with an estimated operating weight of 17,271 lbs and a maximum operating weight of…

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How Much Do Used Forklifts Cost?

used forklift cost

Are you looking to buy a used forklift for your business? Wondering how much a used forklift costs? We’ll take a look at the different factors to consider when shopping around, and what determines the price of used forklifts. Naturally, the cost of a forklift will depend on its capacity. The higher the capacity of…

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What You Need To Know About Forklift Certification

Forklift Certifications

Forklifts are capable of doing some significant damage to both personnel and property if mishandled. This is where a forklift certification comes into play. This forklift training helps reduce the number of injuries, and to negate the possibility of catastrophe due to unsafe operation. One of the first things to recognize is that a forklift…

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Do You Need a License for a Forklift in America?

forklift licenses

The short answer? Yes! There are several reasons that a forklift license is important. Along with this is the occupational safety and health administration that mandates – all operators of powered industrial trucks be involved in safety training classes. This is all part of the licensing and certification process. Further to this – the training…

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How Air Compressors Work

how air compressors work

An air compressor pressurizes air using an electric, gas, or diesel engine. It intakes air and forces it into a high-pressure storage tank. As more air enters, the pressure within that tank increases. That compressed air is then delivered via pipes to power a huge array of tools from saws to drills to jackhammers. We’ll…

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